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Walter 10-23-2017 06:29 am
Love your music, is it possible to get titles and artists of songs, especially on Sunday night?
Robin C. 08-22-2017 03:59 am
I heard a version of c'est la vie a few days ago and I just loved it. It had a calypso (?) beat. Can you tell me the artist - I'd love to get for my collection. Thank you!
johnny webb 08-17-2017 08:03 pm
Love the Blues.

I would be happy if you put Gary US BOnds "If I live through this" on your play list.

Great Tune!!
Peace Always
Doug Kennedy 08-17-2017 07:12 pm
Just heard, I want to testify,maybe you could play the original by the Parliments, one of my favorite songs.thans
Brad 08-09-2017 11:45 pm
Who sings the song Seven Lonely Nights I Cried For You?
Lillie 08-08-2017 05:58 am
Recently while listening to the morning show I heard a remix of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. Can you help with the artist? Thanks so much! Love all the great music played by 94.9 The Surf!
Tina 02-17-2017 12:43 am
I just loaded your streaming app on my phone. Love it!! How about "over the rainbow" by band of oz please?
Bob Walker 02-15-2017 07:04 pm
I live just east of Toronto,Canada and have been coming down during the month of October for the last seven years...having 94.9 to listen to up here it lets me know what is going on at the Strand...I enjoy your music, and keep up the great job....
Cheers bob
Tommy Blake 02-12-2017 03:15 am
This station gets me through the cold winter It is like summer time
Howard 02-02-2017 02:11 pm
Loving listening live from Cologne Germany
Meredith 01-24-2017 09:49 pm
Love, love, love The Edge!!!!!!!!!!!
Marty Hamel 01-23-2017 03:40 pm
I love your station. The music, and the lifestyle, however I can't enjoy it because the player on your website keeps spitting out ads that stop the music every couple of minutes and all I can do is close the player window and start over. PLEASE fix this it's very annoying!!
Joel Pussehl 01-18-2017 02:38 am
On Sunday morning's Beach Music segment you played an artist's version of Elvis' Hound Dog which I loved. Gotta know the artist please!
doug & barbara matheson 01-14-2017 07:21 pm
hope you had a great birthday. sounding good here in foggy blowing rock
Cindy Kennedy 01-11-2017 05:28 pm
Could you tell me who sings the song "Move Over Rover"? Our dog is named Rover!!
Chad 12-21-2016 05:19 am
I am been searching all over for a song that played on your station this morning about 7:45 and it kind of sounded like Billie Holiday line of jazz. I remember the lady singing was saying something about If my love and had a cotton candy lyric line in it. It was like a slow jazz old style with the lady kind of like Billie's singing though. I hope I can figure it out.
Linda 11-18-2016 11:35 pm
Love listening to 94.9. Live in Pennsylvania, so it takes me to the beach and out of the snow.
Mike Baker 11-16-2016 09:17 pm
I enjoy listening to 94.9 (thank you streaming technology). Yesterday morning between 9 and 10, I think. I heard part of a song containing "One hour ahead". Could you provide the title and artist with this limited information?

Thank you and keep playing the old days of 3 for a quarter...
Mike Baker 11-16-2016 09:12 pm
I enjoy listening to 94.9 (thank you streaming technology).I caught part of a song playing yesterday morning, maybe between 10 and 11. The lyrics contained "One hour a head" in them. with this limited information can you provide title and artist?
Al 10-25-2016 09:44 pm
Just heard a song about Cruising and possibly mentioned route 88. Any thoughts on who was that by? Thanks and enjoy all the music!
Kim Wilbanks 10-24-2016 03:09 am
Driving back to Atlanta on Saturday..caught your show from 1pm to 3pm..LOVED the oldies you played..Do you have your programming on CD's to purchase? I would love it if you do. PLMK at wilkrw@yahoo.com
Jerry Hammond 10-17-2016 04:34 pm
Steve B. You music in the morning is the BEST. The days I don't hear you is bad.
Thank you Jerry
Carol 10-16-2016 01:23 am
On Saturday, Oct. 16 about 5:15 I turned on the radio and heard you playing a song I've never heard before.mthe lyrics were about lining up and line dancing. It mentioned the Tush Push in the lyrics. I just heard part of it and didn't catch the name or the artist and I need this song for my line dancing class. Can you help?
Karen in Atlanta 10-14-2016 07:17 pm
Love your station. Brings me home to the beach everyday at work.
Looking to hear Walking up a one way street??
Jerry Bilton-Photographer 09-25-2016 09:27 pm
When I am sitting at my desk editing images, I really enjoy the music payed by the Surf, 94.9.
I use the streaming as I live in Columbia,SC.
Thanks 94.9 for keeping this music alive.

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